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Whether or not you are looking at building your very first home, finalising your next investment property development, or securing construction of your dream home, our unwavering quality never fails to deliver. However once the concrete sets, the paint dries and the furnishings are complete, it is essential to maintain and preserve quality in order to sustain property value and longevity.

Our network of entrusted suppliers

Operating as part of Q-Group, our established Q-Maintenance division fills a gap in the market for consistent, reliable and experienced service to ensure properties are maintained well after they are completed. Whether or not our clients are in need of repair or patch work, painting, general home based maintenance or larger scale projects like extensions and renovations, our team of entrusted suppliers offer a level of service and competency that is second-to-none.

3 areas of expertise – 1 team of experts

Our three main areas of focus center around internal, external and landscaping maintenance to offer a fully comprehensive service for clients, providing an extensive array of support. We also offer our clients a standard “defects liability period” with each project, which is an agreement between the builder and customer to fix defective items upon completion of projects, as well as general maintenance service for clients in need of separate maintenance, alterations or repairs outside of the liability period.

Complete full service offering peace of mind

We consistently place our clients at the top of our priorities, with a complete full-service model designed to offer maintenance support across a wide range of property types and project options. With our friendly, dedicated and experienced team standing by, we are here to help alleviate the stresses of home maintenance offering a one-stop-shop service to put your mind at ease, allowing you to rest assured that we have it all under control.