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What is the defects liability period?

Any work required to restore a defect to its original condition at time of Handover. It is important to note that this is not another opportunity for another Practical Completion. For example:

What is a defect? Sliding door won’t lock.

What is not a defect? I don’t like the paint finish on my front door.

Who can contact the builder?

If your property is going to be managed by a property manager, please be aware that our Defect’s Department can only liaise with the person stated on the building contract, unless written authorisation is given to do so.

Note: Should you sell your home/unit prior to the expiration of the Defect Liability Period, please contact Q Group WA to arrange for these works to be carried out sooner as the defects works are not transferrable to the new owners.

What does my guarantee cover?

Defects liability period (from collection of keys)

As agreed as part of your contractual agreement with Q Group WA, the Defects Liability Period provides for Q Group WA to make good at no cost to you, any defects in works notified in writing as soon as is reasonably practicable.

If in your instance, you have signed a Cost Plus Contract, then all Defects Liability Period works will be carried out at the end of the agreed period, however all costs to complete any works will be on-charged to you. Unless issues are of an urgent nature all defect works shall be carried out at the expiration of the Defects Liability Period.

The Defect Liability Period commences from the date you collect your keys. You have two weeks to return your defects liability form from the end of the Defects Liability Period. Failure to complete, sign and return this form will result in termination of the contractual agreement relating to the Defects Liability Period.

What do I do if I need help with an urgent problem?

If there is a problem which is considered to be of an urgent nature it needs to be reported immediately. An urgent problem is anything that prevents the house from being used for its intended purposes. An example would be the door does not shut properly and cannot be locked. If an urgent item is required to be attended to prior to the completion of the Defects Liability Period we ask that you contact our office during the hours of 8.30am – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday on (08) 9444 4094.

PLEASE NOTE: Any work carried out by anyone other than a Q Group WA contractor during construction or after handover is not covered by Q Group WA’s warranty. Please also be aware that many different types of materials have been used in the construction of your home. This means movement is likely to occur and includes the following:

  • Natural settlement of roof frame;
  • Different movement of concrete and brickwork; and
  • Ceiling & cornice movement.

PLEASE NOTE: These items are NOT covered under the Defects Liability Period.

What is considered ‘wear and tear’ on new homes?

Fair wear & tear occurs on every new home. As such, these items are not rectified by the builder at the time of Defects Liability Period. These include but are not limited to:

  • Marks or scratches to walls, ceilings or doors;
  • Blown light globes;
  • Tap washers;
  • Loose handles or tapware;
  • Wear marks on carpets; or
  • Scratches on gloss surfaces eg. timber floors or cupboards

What are the Q Group warranty periods?

Termite treatment warranty period – 12 months

Concrete foundations warranty period – 25 years

Brickwork warranty period – 25 years

Roof structure warranty period – 25 years

Bristile/monier prime tiled roof cover warranty period – 2 years

Colorbond warranty Period – 2 years

Gutters, valleys and downpipes warranty period – 6 months

Doors (external & internal) warranty period – 6 months

Cabinet tops & doors (laminate) warranty period – 6 months

Cabinet tops (stone) warranty period – 10 years

Ceramic tiling (waterproofing membrane to shower recess) warranty period – 2 years

Electrical (faults & fitting) warranty period – 6 months

Plumbing warranty period – 6 months

Painting (External & Internal) Warranty Period – 6 months

Painting (Stained or Varnished Finished) Warranty Period – 7 years

Windows & sliding doors (moving parts) warranty period – 6 months

Windows & sliding doors (workmanship) warranty period – 7 years

Driveways (subsidence) warranty period – 6 months

Garage doors (parts & labour) warranty period – 2 years

Garage doors (motor) warranty period – 5 years

* Please refer to the Q Group Home Care PDF for more information on these warranty periods as some conditions apply.